BritWeek 2008

The brainchild of 19 Entertainment President Nigel Lythgoe, BritWeek first took place in 2007. In conjunction with the British Consulate, a number of movie screenings, music concerts, a fashion show and other events were held at the Consul General’s Residence and elsewhere. BritWeek2008 will be on a far larger scale. Commencing with Receptions at the British Consul General’s Residence on April 24th and April 26th and continuing into May 2008, it will celebrate the cultural and business connections between Britain and Los Angeles. Building on that April marks the 50th Anniversary of 450 South June Street as the permanent official Residence of the British Consul General in Los Angeles, BritWeek will celebrate fifty years of British links with Los Angeles and highlight the extent of the current relationship. BritWeek’s objective is to generate publicity and broaden awareness of the importance of this relationship, in terms of ideas and investments in both directions; to highlight the fact that Britain is the largest investor in Southern California as well as a profitable investment destination for Californian companies; and emphasize British influences in film, TV, music, fashion and luxury lifestyle that are prevalent in Los Angeles life.

BritWeek 2008 Arts & Events