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British musician Steve Smith, front man for the Grammy award winning group Dirty Vegas, will appear at BritNight, both as Guest DJ and a Showbiz Soccer Team player. A well-known singer, songwriter, percussionist, guitarist and DJ, Steve has toured worldwide. With Dirty Vegas, his song Days Go By was licensed to a television commercial for Mitsubishi, ultimately garnering the band three Grammy nominations and the Award for Best Electronic Song, in 2003. He has just released his first solo album, This Town.

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i94 i94

Los Angeles and London. Combined, the two music Meccas have been responsible for half the greatest songs of the last four decades. So it's only fitting that when you merge the two into one musical metropolis, you get I-94: three English ex-pats and an L.A. musician who take songwriting to new levels. Hollywood has taken notice. The foursome's songwriting has caught the attention of many Music Supervisors. Among the many movies and TV series that have featured the songs of i-94 are Men in Trees (ABC), MTV's Laguna Beach, The Hills and Showtime's Reversal of Fortune. You Only Love You from the last CD CONTROL was used as the theme to CMTV's Becoming Miss America, and Waterfall was used in the trailer for Universal pictures Georgia Rules, making them one of the few independent bands to be used in a major label's movie soundtrack.

The band members are truly thankful to have the support of Hollywood and to hear their music used so frequently on both large and small screens. They also hope people will enjoy their live show, where their talent as live musicians truly shines, especially in their acoustic sets. The name i-94 doesn't have a thing to do with the interstate highway. It's the immigration/visa waiver form you have to fill out to get into the U.S. as a non-resident. It's called an I-94.

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Since appearing on the BritWeek website, British band The Delta Fiasco have been offered a special invitation to open for Chester Bennington (Linkin Park) in Phoenix, Arizona, which coincides with their scheduled performance at BritNight with the LA Galaxy. The Delta Fiasco thanks BritWeek.

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