UK Films at the 2009 Newport Beach Film Festival

April 23 - 30 ~

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UK Films at the 2009 Newport Beach Film Festival

St. Trinian's
UK - Comedy
St Trinians proudly continues to represent the unacceptable face of British education. When the new Minister of Education announces he will personally sort the place out he doesn't realize either the enormity of the task or that the headmistress is an old flame. The school is anyway threatened with closure by their bank; with the staff clearly a waste of space the girls realize the responsibility to save the day falls on them. Perhaps a painting popularized by Scarlett Johansson might be the way out?

Stone of Destiny
UK - Comedy
The Stone of Destiny retells the fascinating and true story of four young Glaswegian students who, in 1951, outwitted the British authorities in their successful attempt to take back the Stone of Scone - a beloved symbol of Scottish pride, back to its country of origin.
easy virtue Easy Virtue
UK - Comedy
A young Englishman marries a glamorous American. When he brings her home to meet the parents, she arrives like a blast from the future - blowing their entrenched British stuffiness out the window.
A Deal Is a Deal
UK - Comedy
A comedy about how far you would go to change your life.
The Disappeared
UK - Horror
Matthew Ryan's life is devastated after the disappearance of his younger brother, Tom. Matthew's father had left him to look after Tom and now Matthew feels responsible. As Matthew looks through a box of video tapes about Tom's disappearance, he hears a ghostly voice telling him "you never came for me!” It's the voice of his missing brother. Matthew seeks friendship from his next-door neighbor Amy, who suggests he visit a local medium. In desperation he goes, only to find that the area has been cursed through the ages. The haunting escalates, and Matthew's state of mind deteriorates. Only Amy seems to believe him, as a tentative romance grows between them. There is no going back as he hurtles towards the stark, chilling truth: you can't bury the past.
UK/Ireland - Documentary
WAVERIDERS is the previously untold story of the unlikely Irish roots of the worldwide surfing phenomenon and today's pioneers of Irish big wave surfing. The story unfolds via the inspirational and ultimately tragic history of Irish/Hawaiian legendary waterman, George Freeth. Freeth, son of an Irishman, was responsible for the rebirth of this sport of Hawaiian kings in the early twentieth century. With its distinguished cast of world-renowned Irish, British and Irish/American surfers WAVERIDERS then journeys full-circle from Hawaii to California and back to Irish shores following Freeth's wave of influence. This journey reaches a spectacular climax when the surfers conquer the biggest swell ever to have been ridden in Ireland catching monster waves of over fifty feet.
A Film with Me in It
Ireland - Comedy
A comedy film directed by Ian Fitzgibbon, written by Mark Doherty, and starring Doherty, Dylan Moran, Amy Huberman, Keith Allen, Aisling O'Sullivan and David O'Doherty. It was filmed mainly in the Dublin 4 area. Doherty plays an unsuccessful actor who ends up with a large number of dead bodies on his hands. Together with his friend Moran, they attempt to escape their predicament by re-writing the days events as if it were a film. As the body count mounts, they pitch ideas back and forth desperately searching for a way out.
Satellites & Meteorites
Ireland - Comedy
Lucinda and Daniel start a slow romance just as the worst meteor showers in history rain down on Earth.