Mother's Day Children's Art Event

Sunday, May 9 &bull 11am - 4pm &bull Rivera & Rivera Gallery

BritWeek is honored to introduce a Motherís Day Art Event especially for children who are underprivileged or have special needs, providing them with a rare opportunity to interact and paint with profession artists.

Amazingly, those with handicaps, autism and other learning disabilities are sometimes near genius artistically. While art is profoundly therapeutic to these children, unfortunately their teachers often have limited time to focus on such disciplines.

More than a dozen participants will take part in this special event, including autistic children, kids in foster care, a child with Fragile X Syndrome and others with physical disabilities. Most are from the poorest section of Oxnard, and while they may be disadvantaged in seemingly insurmountable ways, they all have beautiful spirits as well as talents and abilities we are privileged to nurture.

Special thanks to our Art & Childrenís Committees for their efforts, and to Becky Caron, a passionate special education teacher and the first such instructor to be awarded Teacher of the Year in Ventura County. Becky is the author of two books to help kids with special needs, including The Magical Island of Dolphins, which was co-written by Dylan Jarvas. Dylan is now 16 and will take part in this unique project along with some of Beckyís current students. Each of these children are thrilled by the opportunity, and their letters have touched our hearts. Please scroll down the page to read some of these poignant letters from our participants.

Special thanks also to Rivera & Rivera Gallery for hosting this extraordinary event.
Rivera & Rivera Gallery • 1100 South Hope Street, Los Angeles 90015 • (310) 713.1635

Rivera & Rivera Gallery Rivera & Rivera Gallery

Photo by Jemma Jacques Photo by Jemma Jacques
Photo by Jemma Jacques Photo by Jemma Jacques
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Actual letters from some of our participants

Letter from Adrina

Letter from Anabel

Letter from David

Letter from Jesse

Letter from Paul