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British CouncilPresented in Partnership with the British Council, managed by Kamilla Blanche and curated by Bryson Strauss, BritWeek's Art Program showcases exceptional talent from the UK in the areas of historical art, contemporary art, and design. Meet our Sponsors

Matt Small & Pete Stern

Artists Reception on Friday, April 29th • 7:30 PM - 11 PM

Merry Karnowsky Gallery
170 South La Brea Avenue • Los Angeles, CA 90036
Exhibition runs from April 16 - May 14

Matt Small UntitledThe paintings of Matt Small are an extension of his beliefs and worldview. A passionate supporter of social inclusion, he believes that all individuals have something of value to contribute to society if given opportunities to be respected and heard. Mattís portraits tend to depict the marginalized and voiceless in society, those who are socially excluded; those often viewed as statistics or pawns in a wider political game, as opposed to individuals with the latent potential to contribute if allowed a voice. Through his portraits of people on the outskirts of society, Matt strives to encourage us to spend time with people we may overlook in our daily lives, forcing us to challenge our prejudices and recognize our shared humanity.    Untitled, 2010, by Matt Small

Pete Stern UntitledPete Stern is a multi-media artist born in London England. Encouraged by the freedom of thought of the 1960s, energized by the anarchic attitudes of the punk movements of the 1970s and a constant aversion to mediocrity, he has a natural inclination for searching beyond the surface, beyond the standard rhetoric, beyond the other side of something else, beyond a particular state of mind or emotion and into an area that lies outside of what is known, both physically and in the abstract.    Untitled, 2010, by Pete Stern

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Beyond Time: William Turnbull Documentary Film Premiere

Saturday, April 30th • 7:30 PM

Celebrated sculptor and painter William Turnbull has been recently described as Ďthe most important living British artistí. Over the past sixty years, his artwork has helped define Modern and Contemporary art. To commemorate the important contributions of this influential artist, BritWeek is honored to premier Beyond Time: William Turnbull at LACMA. The film, a collaboration between the artistís son Alex Turnbull and Pete Stern, features narration by Jude Law.

William Turnbull     6:30 PM - 7:15 PM: VIP Reception (invitation only)
    7:30 PM: Screening
    Q & A following the Screening

    Bing Theatre • Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA)
    5905 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90036 • (323) 857-6000

Jude Law narrating Beyond Time LACMA Members $7 • Non-members $10
Parking available off 6th Street, $10 with validation.

Purchase tickets online

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Rankin's Rubbish: Love in the Hand is Worth Two in the Bush

Tuesday, May 3rd • 6:30 PM - 10:30 PM

Rankin Gallery
8070 Melrose Avenue • Los Angeles, CA •

RankinBritish photographer and director Rankin, in conjunction with Fahey/Klein Gallery, launches Rankinís Rubbish, his first exhibition at his new gallery on Melrose Avenue. This special preview will be held in honor of BritWeek. The gallery officially opens on 26th May.

Best known for celebrity portraiture and fashion photography, Rankin turns his lens to rendering more beautiful the detritus of everyday life with this exhibition.

Rankin states: "I have always wanted to call an exhibition 'Rankin's Rubbish'. I love the humour in the title - its not what people expect, especially as the opening show to a new venture. I always approach my work with a sense of fun. I want to amuse people with my photographs, and I try never to take myself too seriously. Thatís a very British character trait and, in this sense, this is a very British show! I was inspired by Irving Penn's still life images of cigarette butts and other discarded items. His images are beautiful, and he elevates the mundane to almost become objects to admire. I've always been obsessed by minute detail, and the patterns that emerge when you look at something so closely. I see faces in everything."

Rankin lives and works in North London. Over the last 22 years, he has earned a reputation for his exceptional portraiture and is repeatedly commissioned for global advertising campaigns, editorial features and is exhibited in galleries around the world. As a director, he frequently shoots music videos, commercials and documentaries as well as directing an award-winning feature film, The Lives of the Saints.

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Marcos Lutyens: Enstasy Now

Tuesday, May 10th • 6:30 PM to 9:00 PM

Variety Building
5900 Wilshire Blvd • Los Angeles, CA 90036
Open to the public • Parking on the corner of Spalding and Wilshire

Marcos LutyensMarcos Lutyens combines new technologies and explorations of the mind in his works. He is a multi disciplinary international artist with recent exhibits at the GSK, Royal Academy, UK, the Centre Pompidou, France and Artissima, Italy, and upcoming shows that include the CAPC in Bordeaux and the FutureEverything Festival, UK.

SPEED DREAMING is a project that explores automatist behaviors at the convergence of machines and the body-mind system. The exhibit is divided into 4 main bodies of work:

Attacca explores the mind machine interface of the segway and how space and time relationships are blurred when an activity takes place, perhaps leaving a residue at that location

Bestiary: RaŽlians is part of a multi year project that traces thought forms in the unconscious mind of various groups of people. In this case a group of RaŽlian bishops and guides

As you listen: An Excerpt of Erik Niedling and Ingo Niermannís documentary. This excerpt is centered around a Lutyens induction in New Yorkís Time Square

Automata Automatica A series of drawings that are based on automatic patterns and behaviours

Above: GSK Earth

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Christopher Farr Exhibit

Wednesday, May 11 • 7 PM - 10 PM

1933 S. Broadway, Suite 1240 • Los Angeles, CA 90007
Open to the public • Free parking

Christopher FarrChristopher Farr has been at the spearhead of contemporary rug design for over twenty years. Together with his business partner Matthew Bourne, he was the catalyst that revolutionized contemporary rug design.

From his small shop in London, this one time painter trained at the Slade School wrought a vision to combine the art and design of the times with the ancient form of carpet-making, leading to international attention and a brand new art form. From cool minimalism to bold neo-expressionism influenced by the artists Ryman, Albers and Martin, his medium was no longer oil on canvas, but wool and dye, spun and woven by hand into objects that were more than mere floor coverings. They were themselves works of art.   Right: Bancou Rug

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Tobias Keene Exhibit

Friday, May 13 • 7 PM - 10 PM

Groundfloor Gallery
433 S. Spring Street • Los Angeles, CA 90014-2009

Tobias KeeneTobias Keene is a third generation British painter who currently lives and works in Los Angeles. His paintings exemplifying the resplendence of children, animals and static objects explore a quality of lost innocence through the immediacy of color, texture and form. "My work is the subconscious portrayal of childhood memories that are running into an unknown ambiguous future".

Tobias has had several one-man exhibits in Los Angeles and New York with Earl McGrath Gallery, as well as group shows including "Fresh" at MOCA Los Angeles and "Dirty Little Secret" at Indica Gallery, New York. His work is also held in several prominent private and public collections and currently hangs in the permanent collection of The Trout Museum of Art, alongside the art of his Father and Grandfather.   Above: Jumping Rope Girl, 2010

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