Men Without Names Photographic Exhibition and Live Art Performance

Thursday, May 5th • 7 PM

El Nopal Press
109 West 5th Street • Downtown Los Angeles • (323) 654-6159
Free event open to the public

The Laboratory and El Nopal Press collaborate with London based artist, printmaker and photographer Maud Larsson in an intimate gallery showing of her work.

Men without Names is a photographic exhibition of selected Londoners; artists, filmmakers, musicians, writers, vagrants and fellow travelers. Larsson collaborated with British costume designer Kate Forbes to transcend mere historic reconstruction. Through charged Western Frontier symbolism and selective blurring of references, they sought to evoke the complex role of hero / anti–hero. Larsson’s power lies in her curious ability to fabricate these archetypal strong stoic men that haunt her photographs as well as her life.

The print press of El Nopal will roll out a collection of limited edition prints in real time by fine artist Nigel Daly and renowned printmaker Francesco X. Siqueiros, based around the theme of this exhibition. By manipulating the press, Nigel and Francesco will create original and collaborative works of art in front of the audience.

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