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Art of Chase Mobile Installation

The Art of Chase | A Mobile Art Installation

Throughout BritWeek

BritWeek kicks off two weeks of celebrations with its first-ever mobile art installation by local art sensation, Chase.

As a public service, Chase, artist/designer and Belgium transplant now living in Los Angeles, paints free murals around the world. Always working in collaboration with the local business and property owners, the murals are intended as gifts to the neighborhoods in which they are painted. The focus of the murals are to bring color, humor and uplifting messages to the people.

The artist's gift to BritWeek 2012 is a wide-awake message full of affirmation and inspiration that helps celebrate the non-profit organization's mission toward building the creative fusion between British and Angeleno culture, and beyond.

Think Inside the Box by The Art of Chase – A Mobile Art Installation
Truck donated by Copyland

Art of ChaseChase was given the 3-day challenge to use only the blank canvas of a truck, generously donated by the creative design team at Copyland, and a color palette of his own paints and ideas. Working quickly, unconsciously, subconsciously within this three-dimensional metal frame, the artist, only ten minutes into the creative process, quite literally began thinking inside the box.

Truck, box, box, truck. Painting to the simple jazzy beat and rhythm of this thought, he began drawing upon visual memories as a young art student back in Belgium.

"As I was free-styling, gaining a sense of a surreal vibe, I thought of Magritte, and of this giant apple in the middle of the room. What started to emerge were different twists on elements coming through the box, from its center, a parody of 'thinking outside the box' – 'thinking inside the box' began communicating to me how sometimes there is plenty to find 'in there'".

Art of Chase Mobile InstallationThink Inside the Box, is part of the artist’s larger "Awareness Geezer Campaign". For more info, please visit: Curated by CLPROJECTS, The Art of Chase – A Mobile Art Installation will makes its grand debut at the BritWeek Red Carpet Launch, Tuesday, 24 April, continuing on a whirlwind tour throughout Los Angeles with surprise pit-stops at various BritWeek events.