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Bites: The Play

Premieres April 27 • Performances through May 13 • Old Bank District Theatre
136 West 4th Street • Los Angeles, CA 90013

Bites, by British playwright Kay Adshead, is a surreal and poetic play depicting the life of minorities and the human rights issues they raise. It takes place in a post-apocalyptic restaurant, where the actors play the roles of hostesses, chefs and waiters. They never leave the stage and their roles change from course to course, but there is a thin, connecting line linking all of the episodes and characters together. The restaurant itself is a haunted setting, a place in ruins, reminiscent of an already-devoured banquet, an almost lunar landscape consisting of decades of decomposing leftovers. The play is served up in the form of a seven-course meal, each course telling a story from Afghanistan to Texas, passing through Guantanamo. The integrity of the lyric poetry mixed with pungent sarcasm unifies the seven courses into one and only big feast.

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Bites the Play