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BritWeek Staff

Meet our dedicated administrative staff, who work behind-the-scenes to coordinate BritWeek logistics.

Lauren Stone (Executive Director)
Joanne Lichtenstein (Website and Printed Materials)
Georgina Charles (Executive Assistant)

LAUREN STONE (Executive Director)

Lauren Stone Lauren Stone has enjoyed a career encompassing marketing, international business, and brand development. Prior to joining BritWeek, she spent close to 6 years with UK Trade & Investment at the British Consulate General New York as Vice Consul of Consumer Goods, covering a range of industries (including fashion, food & drink, beauty and retail, among others) and supporting hundreds of UK companies in developing and executing their US strategies. As Vice Consul, she cultivated and promoted one of the largest networks of British brands, and in 2011 won the Global UK Trade & Investment Award for Team Excellence.

Previously, Lauren worked as an Account Executive for KD&E and accountable, where she developed the advertising and media plans for luxury goods companies. She has also held several other positions in marketing and public relations within the beauty, fashion, and music industries.

Currently, Lauren sits on the Advisory Board for the Young Luxury Marketing Council and is an active member of and speaker for the Luxury Marketing Council. She graduated with honors from the State University of New York - Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) with a BS in Advertising and Marketing Communications, and also holds a Diploma in Management from the Open University Business School.

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JOANNE LICHTENSTEIN (Website Coordinator & Printed Materials Manager)

Joanne Lichtenstein In addition to managing the website, Joanne facilitates several other aspects of BritWeek. Previously, she worked in the entertainment industry for more than 20 years, and coordinated many benefits and concerts. Among other credits, she was lead organizer of seven American Cinema Awards Galas; the International Achievement in Arts Awards in LA, New York and London; Dionne Warwick: 45th Anniversary Spectacular Gala Dinner at the Hollywood Palladium; Michael Jackson, 30th Anniversary Celebration: The Solo Years concerts at Madison Square Garden in New York and his All-Star Champagne Dinner, Dance & Carnival After Party at Tavern on the Green.

From 2004-2005, Joanne worked on a high profile case for renowned defense attorney M. Gerald Schwarzbach. Subsequently, from 2006-2007, she coordinated Cartoon Network’s six-day inaugural Platform International Animation Festival in Portland, Oregon. She learned html in order to maintain the festival website and quickly realized that digital artistry appealed to her steadfast nature.

As a freelance copywriter, editor and graphic artist, Joanne handles a range of projects and produces program books and other publications. She ghost-edited a recent celebrity autobiography, has served as estate manager, bookkeeper and personal assistant, both on and off the set, and is also an award-winning fine artist whose prints and commissioned works appear in collections across the United States, as well as in Europe, Scandinavia and North Africa.

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GEORGINA CHARLES (Executive Assistant)

Georgina Charlges Georgina grew up in London and has six years of experience supporting C-level Executives in the technology, retail and entertainment industries. She moved to Los Angeles after graduating from University College London with a Bachelor of Honors in Politics and International Relations in October 2011, and joined BritWeek as Executive Assistant in 2012.

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